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At each of our Knopp homes our pursuit is to create a vibrant environment for the resident. We believe Resident Activities are more than the passing of time; they are a healing opportunity! The goal is an activity program that will nourish the physical, spiritual, and mental appetite of the resident in a variety of exciting and innovative ways.  We seek to achieve this through music, pet therapy, and intellectually stimulating activities. 

One of the most innovative programs in senior care today is Jay’s Time; only at Knopp’s. Jay Luckenbach has a Masters Degree in Music Education, and shares this with our residents every week in each of our homes. This program is intellectually stimulation through music participation. Furthermore, it encourages physical activity by way of playing percussive instruments. Timing in music is work with numbers, which is believed to sustain high cognitive function. This, coupled with music, and exercise, yields a weekly program that our residents love, which is also of great benefit.


Pianist, Duncan Holmes

Live music visits each Knopp home several times throughout the week. These guests include the brilliant pianist Duncan Holmes. Learn more about Duncan at, and support his music.  


We also partner with the Texas Heritage Music Foundation. This organization is an outstanding platform that brings a variety of working artists to our residents. Supporting artists by bringing art into our homes is a win-win. 

Knopp Healthcare is a Certified Music & Memory facility. Learn more about this remarkable program at  

Pianist, Duncan Holmes

Every Knopp home has a piano.


SKILLED NURSING |  830.997.3704 OR 830.997.8840

ASSISTED LIVING | 830.997.4426 OR 830.997.7924

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